STRESSFIT is a modern, mind-fitness business born out of a common desire to help people thrive in all aspects of their lives. We bring together stress reduction tools and techniques from around the globe into a single and immersive platform to help people ‘Tune In to Now’.

Co-founders Oska Phoenix and Justin Green, both from seemingly different worlds, had independently experienced the power of transformative mindset, meditation and breathwork practices and its capability to impact them during critical moments.

Since their journey together began, Oska and Justin have spent the last five years understanding the fundamentals of how high performing individuals maintain their momentum for optimal performance. They have worked hard to hand-pick proven methods from established practices and combine them into powerful contemporary techniques through music, technology and science.

STRESSFIT offers simple and accessible techniques to our first-timers right through to more advanced practice methods for our more experienced meditators. Our mission is simple: ‘To give people powerful tools and techniques to enable them to thrive in today’s modern world’.